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repair 6 - CF FG aircraft fuse rings to mount wing supports

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Fuselage plates or reinforcement rings - to  support and distribute wing loads of aircraft

   Above - silhouette or template of composite carbon fiber fuselage rings. These structural aircraft fuse rings provide support to mount wing inserts for the micro air vehicle Botmite 1.1.    Each ring weighs about a half ounce.   The rings are left loose until the fuse pipes to support the wing inserts are complete. 

Wing Supports - Composite Tubes

   Front and back mostly fiberglass with carbon fiber made pipe (Fuselage Supports) - the top layer is CF to snugly fit wing inserts and attach wing to fuse.  The inside dimension is more accurate than the exterior - interior looks like glass finish. Each wing support pipe weighs just over 1 ounce; if cut in quarter it would weigh slightly over 8 grams. 

         Above fuselage supports  - side view.  Both ends have fuse CF plates to reinforce the wing-fuse interface. One turn of wax paper - the food kind - taped over the CF tube proved a tight fit; so tight it required a pipe wrench and hammer to release it.

Aluminum Wing Fasteners

 Firmly attaching the wings to the fuselage is a metal clip set - 2 clips per wing. The wings have small aluminum rectangle rods fastened by machine screws from wings to the fuselage. Titanium is also being considered as a fastener.  Lateral or centrifugal forces separating the wing are much smaller than shear or vertical forces on the fuse supports. 

  One approximate location of new wing tube inserts. The plywood reinforcement to hold the prior aluminum wing tabs to be removed. 

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