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Pitch, Roll, Yaw Vector Change Test Platform





Above three axis angular guide is a Q&D (quick and dirty) method to test gyros, magnetometers and various sensors. As a DIY platform, it cost under twenty US dollar Federal Reserve Notes to construct but suffers from steel “L” plate which introduces errors in mechanical and electronic compass tested herein. Underneath, a lazy suzan circular bearing enables rotation (yaw - direction) of the pitch and roll angular positioning of test subjects. The next iteration of this test platform  will revise and remove the magnetic steel “L” angle iron plate..

    3 Axis Magnetometer ( Electronic Compass )
         I2C bus data transfer @ 3.3 V
         0.1 degree heading accuracy 

 3 Axis Accelerometer
   Inertial Rate Change
  0.1 through hole headers

  Top center IMU board (red) attached to MICROCHIP programmer - blue servos attched.
   From left side across: GPS receiver & antenna, ESC programmer, xBee Pro USB host interface, Magnetometer (blue) with I2C bus interface, 3 Axis Accelerometer, Temperature Sensor, Barometric Sensor (red board), Airspeed Sensor (differential pitot tube input).

I2C refers to a two wire (data and clock) bus specification (excluding + and - power) of moving sensor results to a micro chip or one chip computer.  Typical transfer speed clock is 100 kHz, 400 kHz, 1 MHz up to 3.4 MHz.

I2C sensors output at 3.3 V. To assure specification performance to 5.0 or 4.8 V IMU board ( red board above with wires ), a voltage interface board is used between the 3.3 V sensors and the red IMU 5.0 V board.

Further, one wire analog input and SPI - another faster data bus is also supported in this configuration. Digital to Analog ( DA ) conversion for processing is supported at 1 Mb/sec. to at least 10 bit data streams.

 Navigational and inertial rate change ( 3 Axis Accelerometer ) sensors shown on left further support the IMU board’s ability to navigate with or without GPS satellite data.

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