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October 2013

May 2012

   Version 4 IMU Boards arrived ready for programming and testing.   Integrated 3 axis accelerometers and 3 axis MEMS gyros, dual GPS inputs, and 8 I/O PPM channel controls.  RC 8 ch control interfaces with the new IMU.

June 2012

  Two 31 cc gasoline motors are being prepped for testing later this month.

July 2012

[ Above ] PIC microcontroller board connected to 16 x 2 LCD backlit display
Keypad not yet interfaced to PIC chip on Olimex board

   View of 16 x 2 LCD interfaced to PIC18F4550.

   Four bit parallel data stream connection to backlit Liquid Crystal Display (5v) shown above is detailed as allocated: chip pins (18F4550) - data: 4 pins; control: 3 pins, USB power (backlight): 1 pin; LCD power: 2 pins. Total pins used in interface to LCD: 10. Chip driven at 3.3 Vdc. 
   Programming interface requires 5 chip pins - 2 shared power pins. 
   18F chip can source 500 mA.
     I2C data bus allocated 2 pins, power common.
Current status: in development - being coded

August 2012

   After a parking lot full throttle steering test, the landing wheels were damaged - front and back - from hitting a curb (no brakes).  What emerged from these tests, similar to a formula racing car, is a new design and tougher construction with breakaway gear.  However, the airframe proved maneuverable and stable in ground steering and did not flip - although extra weight was added to push the limits.

   Carbon fiber - epoxy reinforcement modifications are currently underway to the airframe to maintain its structural integrity.  After modifications are implemented, testing resumes.

   Botmite was invited back to Mini Maker Fairer at Georgia Tech campus for the second annual event on the 6th of October 2012.

 Another PIC18F series LCD dev board with toggle switches.

A DIY project perfboard using a
PIC18F4550 mounted to ZIF socket and 16 x 2 LCD.

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