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July 2014

   Optics: larger; improved telephoto to wide via 7x improvement in aperture to 24 mm (.95 inch); improvement in resolution (5 arc sec.) low light CMOS and CCD sensors, increase frame rate, increase light envelope, added video cam hack.  See: Camera, Image for details.  Migration to HD resolution in video transmission and recording.         

June 2014

   Built new composite fuselage reinforcement rings. See; repair 4, 5, 6 for details.  Further wing structural strength in shear and bending while reducing weight.

             MakerFairer announces Botmite 1.1 to be on display Saturday and Sunday for October 3, 4 of 2014 in Decatur, GA.

   Development of core wing structure interface to Botmite 1.1 fuselage in progress.  Hybrid steel and composite lightweight structure tailored for strength to retain stiff wing form in 3D dynamic motion.  See: Repair4 for details.

May 2014

   Renovation of landing gear ply supports, gutted internal reinforcing balsa ply fuse rings.  Clay modeling of new CF, FG-4 and plywood support structures.  Botmite invited to Farnborough Airshow in England.

March 2014

             Composites testing of new wings - Botmite 1.1
R&D of structural wing cores and stress loading of wing skins underway. 

February 2014

  New wings are under construction for Botmite 1.1 - a 6 foot wingspan version with larger wing area for greater lift and carrying capacity. See Wings and New Wings page.

October 2013

   Georgia Tech hosts Minimaker Fairer on Saturday, 26 October 2013 from 10:am to 5:pm. Botmite 1 will be on display.   

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