LGear -3  Wing Struts, Landing Gear, Structural

Wing & Landing Gear section of fuselage
- Part 3

New aluminum struts (fore & aft) screwed to wing underside with machine cap screws. Below aluminum brace connects Left and Right Wing struts across Section 3. Flaps shown connected with plastic hinges. 

               Figure B
New aluminum horizontal beam to hold together aft wing tabs inside fuselage. Stainless steel machine cap screws hot glued over washers.

The plywood wing support guides inside the fuslage needed additional support. So, clear Plumberís goop was placed below, above, left, right and between the airframe and plywood guides.

   Then, a solid aluminum strut replaced the two aluminum tabs on the fore section of the wing. Hence, the wing cap screws on the fore section are removed for transport.

   Aft aluminum tabs were replaced and larger aluminum tabs slide through the plywood aft part and are connected on both ends by the aluminum strut shown in Figure B on left.

Note carbon fiber rod traversing inside wing adjacent to micro HiTec - 55 servo with attached control horns to flaps. Cut clear strips of plastic tubing cover a portion of the sleves over control horn. 

  Wing & Landing Gear section 3 - where wings are attached to fuselage (mid-photo). Tail section 4 on left side. LiPo battery section 2 on right. Note: Landing Gear section has no opening in top of aircraft. Photo omits carbon fiber solid rods. Epoxy solid carbon fiber rods to plywood supports.


  Template for new wing shows 12 inch root chord overlay.  Hence, new wings require internal attachment and can not simply pass thru in one wing piece. 

New Aerobatic Wing Support Details:

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