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B2-calcs1 tools

Image - electronic control

from CAMERA page Resolution:  Arc-Sec page

Handycam - 10 X Zoom Hack

Full Open or Close

   Two sets of solder joints, the couple on the right 2.5 Volts electric power applied :

               (1) ( 2 )      ( 3 ) ( 4)
                             (- Neg) (+ Pos )

   Power ON = Open Shutter Full
   Power OFF = Close Shutter

  Solder two wires to right side, negative and positive power which can be power supplied by switch, micro processor or circuit.  Careful not to damage the motor - use minimal power to drive motor.  This method is quick but lacks refined control over aperture.  Make sure nothing blocks slider mechanism at all times from working.

Zoom stepper motor

  Zoom part stepper motor is shown on the following photograph.

   To the left of the Zoom Stepper Motor is an interface, presumably for stepper commands. The power for this motor appears separate; located above the motor. Yellow top left is a slider switch or a variable resistor used to locate the position of the Zoom lens.

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