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Botmite 1 - based on MQ-9 Predator UAV

   Botmite 1.1 updated - Site contains construction details, some online aeronautical engineering and design tools (requires Java) for aircraft design. Also, practical and theoretical information for model aircraft development along with related electronics for FPV flying, rc control, autopilot implementation are included here. UAV aircraft testing and implementation.  Aerobatic flying design and structural considerations went into this 2014 version, also wing geometry and structural modifications are in progress to increase payload while expanding the flight envelope.     

  Autopilot bot - human intervention not required for conditions within mission parameters.  Typical functions include: Takeoff, landing, pickup, delivery, tracking, flight methods, way points, navigation, sensor analysis, telemetry, decision making and mission behaviors via onboard flight computer firmware. Mapping interface to and from internet through onboard IMU flight computer can be displayed using google maps and Android cell phone. Photographic and Imaging reporting includes: Finding opportunity points of interest and tracking a moving target.

   FPV ( First Person View ) - aircraft camera perspective view in real time by remote viewer using HDTV (high definition 1080 lines horizontal resolution by 60 fps) video color day time and black-grey-white night time star light imaging of terrain supported via additional onboard electronics. Pan and tilt functions enabled for auto tracking and recorded imaging.

   Photos 2 and Aircraft (sections 1-4) for additional details - More construction photos, interchangeable wing details, IMU and sensor mounting and more...

Botmite 1.1 -  aerobatic airframe, composite

24mm Telephoto Zoom
2.4 oz.  10 x Optical *
Resolution: 5 arc sec.

Serial Telemetry I/O

 Wing: 8 foot span
~ 1,000 sq. in.

Tail Fuse 2.5 inches

6 inch ground clearance

 Cut into fuselage for Li Po battery placement & balance front to back of fuselage.

* 1. Automated 3 axis gimbol under development.
   2. Electro-Mechanical Zoom Lens
   3. Centrifugal force range: +/- 10 gs 


Motor: 850W, approx. ~ 1,000 rpm/v or k/v , rated 3S to 5S, ESC 100 Amps,
BHP: 1.13
Servos and Batteries:
Hitek (2) HS-455,  (4) HS-55; 
Batteries: LiPo 11.1V 3S3P 5000mAh;  Additional (1) 4.8 Volt NiCad
Instrumentation and Controls (I&C):
Inertial Management Unit (IMU) dev board 1.19 oz., CPU: dsPIC30F4011, (2) dual axis gyro 500 degrees/second with GPS, and flight recorder log. Additional sensors: Magnetometer (electronic compass - 3 axis stabilized), 3 Axis accelerometer, altimeter, barometer, venturi airspeed measurement, temperature,
xBee Pro to QGroundControl
HDTV CMOS color and night vision camera and radio beacon.
Observation and Video Accessories:
FPV::on-screen display Navigation and instrumentation.
Radio Control:
6 channel 2.4 GHz

Contact info:
P.O.Box 551, Smyrna, GA 30081 USA

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